Friday, April 27, 2012

Get paid watching TV with the Viggle App on the iPod Touch and Apple iPhone!

By Viggle

If you watch a lot of TV, then this is the perfect app for you. Viggle gives you points for checking in when watching a TV show by listening to what your watching! Once it recognizes the show you are watching, it will bring you to the shows viggle page where you can see the latest gossip, news, events, etc relating to that show. You can also set Viggle to remind you when your show is going to come on using the Push notification option.

Once you've accumulate enough points you can redeem your points for starbuck, iTunes, Redbox, Best Buy gift cards and more. There are also prizes that can be redeemed for such as Kindle Fire, Apple TV, and iPod Touch, just to name a few.

Add more enjoyment with watching TV with the Viggle App and be more up to date with your shows than ever before!

Sign up is easy. Go to sign up and download the app. Use the Check In option on the app and let it listen to your show. Easy points and one step closer to awesome rewards!

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